Termite Services
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Post ConstructionTermite Treatments:  Residential, multi-family , and commercial structures.

Pre Construction Termite Treatments:   Residential single family homes only.

Termite Treatment Options:   Blue Light Exterminators is Termidor Certified

  1. Full Treatment- only a pre-treatment can be a full treatment. A termite pre-treatment is applied by broadcast spray to the soil of a foundation before a concrete slab is poured.  
  2. Partial Treatment- example would be and exterior perimeter treatment with termidor, including,or excluding interior plumbing areas application.
  3. Spot Treatment- A 10 ft. or less area. Most often as a preventative measure to mitigate a conducive condition.

  4. Limited Treatment  More than a Spot treatment, but less than a Partial Treatment


Our chemicals of Choice For Termite Extermination.

  1. Termidor, the #1 termite defense product in America. It is effective, fast, long lasting, low dose, with no odor.
  2. D-Foam, and Delta Dust, are non invasive ways to treat certain inaccessible voids.
  3. HomeGuard/Truth Termite Bait System. Sometimes combined with a Termidor or D-Foam application.
  4. GREEN PRODUCTS:  Armor-Guard, Tim Bore and Bora Care. All three products contain the same active ingredient, Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate, and can be used for pre-treatment and post construction termite treatment.