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Blue Light Bedbug Spray
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Bed bugs are a common problem very few people know much about. Anyone can get bed bugs, even in the cleanest environments. They are parasites that can have a negative affect on sleep, hygiene, and health.

People can react to bed bugs differently, but the first sign is often small bites that become inflamed and itchy, like ant or mosquito bites.

If you think you may have bed bugs, start by inspecting the bed, including the mattress, box spring, headboard and frame. If you have a bed bug infestation, approximately 70% or more of the bed bugs will be found here. Spotting an actual bed bug is likely, but is not always the case.  Another 23% will be found in furniture within 5 feet of the bed or in upholstered furniture. Check under and behind night stands, as well as piping and pleats of upholstersd furniture. The other 7% will disperse to other areas such as base board cracks, wall hangings, curtains, and other furniture.

Apply Blue Light Bedbug Spray as a crack and crevice spray (rotate spray nozzle) to bed frames, box springs, inside empty drawers and close closets, night stands and other furniture in the room. Spray floor molding crack and crevices and where carpets and walls meet, and other areas where bed bugs and their eggs may be found.

Blue Light Bedbug Spray is a Ready-To-Use product. Do not dilute. Remove and pick up clothing and other obstacles that may prevent thorough treatment. Remove and sanitize infested bedding, clothing or other items. Take bed apart and treat joints, channels and interior framework. Spray under beds, box springs, bed frames, headboards, mattress seams, edges and tufts. Allow mattress to dry before replacing bed linens. Spray under couch pillows, couch edges and tufts. The (32 oz.) spray bottle will treat a one bed room Apartment. Buy Now 

To treat larger areas, buy several bottles of the (32 oz.) Blue Light Ready-To-Use Bedbug Spray bottles, or by the Blue Light Bedbug Kit. The Kit is a (16 oz.) easy measure tip-and-pour bottle of Bedbug concentrate that is mixed with water to refill the Ready-To-Use spray bottle. The concentrate will make (4) refills. The Blue Light Bedbug Kit is only $99.00. You get (1) Ready-to-Use bottle, and (1) bottle of concentrate. This is equal to (5) bottles Ready-To-Use spray. Save 20%     Buy Now 

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