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Blue Light Mosquito Spray
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About 20% of all insect-transmitted diseases come from mosquitoes, making them the world's most deadly insect. Mosquitoes are attracted to their host by carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and octenol, compounds found in human sweat and breath. They also sense heat and humidity around a body.

All mosquitoes are found in the family Culicidae. There are roughly 3,000 mosquito species, 150 of which live in North America. The Aedes mosquito, also called Asian Tiger, can vector the Zika and Dengue virus. The Culex species can vector the West Nile virus.

Blue Light Mosquito Spray is for both indoor and outdoor useIt is a Ready-To-Use product. Do not dilute.

Indoor use:

Because it is poison free, spray behind and around night stands, bed head boards, draps and curtains. Spray around potted plants, open windows and spray bottom of screens at window sill. Spray directly on annoying, flying and resting mosquitoes. Blue Light Mosquito Spray will kill flying and resting mosquitoes on contact. It also repels mosquitoes from treated areas.

Caution: May cause mild, transient eye irritation. Use protective eye wear when spraying this product outdoors. Do not spray close to children, toddlers and infants. Do not spray directly on people or pets. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water.

Outdoor use:

Spray anytime, however, the best times to spray outdoors are 8AM-11AM, and 5PM-7PM. Sprayed areas can be used immediately after spraying. Repeat applications can be made as desired.

Used as a spot treatment, the 32 oz. spray bottle will cover a pool and deck area.  Spray around doors, windows, and under, around and on steps, decks, porches, patios, hot tub areas, rain barrels, compost bins, shrubbery, and other common use areas. Spray under and around shrubbery. Follow these directions and mosquitoes will be eliminated in about 15 minutes. Correctly treated outdoor areas will stay Mosquito free for 7- 14 days or more, rain or shine.


The active ingredients in Blue Light Mosquito Spray are 100% pure natural essential oils. They are; Cedarwood oil, Clove oil, and Lemongrass oil. Our spray kills mosquitoes on contact, and provides a residual repelling action for days. The inert ingredients are Lemon oil, biodegradable soap, and water. Blue Light Mosquito spray is safe for sprayed areas to be used immediately by adults, children, pets, bees and butterflies. Repeat applications can be made as desired. Blue Light Mosquito Spray is safe and very effective. It will eliminate mosquitoes in a sprayed area in 10 - 15 minutes.

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