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Blue Light Mosquito Spray Kit

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The Blue Light Mosquito Kit consists of a (32 oz.) Ready-To-Use Mosquito Spray, and a (16 oz.)  bottle of Blue Light Mosquito Spray Concentrate. The concentrate will make (4) gallon of Ready-To-Use mosquito spray, =  (16) - 32 oz. refills. The (32) R-T-U Mosquito Spray bottle is refillable and reusable.

Use the (32) oz. Ready-To-Use Mosquito Spray bottle for indoors and outdoor spot treatments of decks, patios and nearby shrubbery.  Use a 1 or 2 gallon pump-up sprayer with wand for larger outdoor applications. Pump-up sprayers are available at most hardware and garden stores. Because Blue Light Mosquito Spray is poison free, do not use a sprayer that has previously been used for pesticides or herbicide spraying.

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